Lulu Chu & Molly Little – Two For One On Valentines Day – S3:E7

Lulu Chu & Molly Little – Two For One On Valentines Day – S3:E7

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Lulu Chu and Molly Little sit in the living room, working on Valentines for Molly’s stepbrother, Oliver Flynn. The girls have had crushes on Oliver since he was Molly’s stepbrother. They await him in the kitchen and then tease him about his Valentine’s Day gift. When the girls inform Oliver that his next present will be really unique, he is perplexed but willing.

When Oliver hears the girls chuckling in Molly’s room, he runs in to find out what’s going on. Molly is on her stomach, and Lulu is on top of her, both wearing identical red underwear. All those signs pointed to the fact that he’s ready to double stuff his stepsis and her BFF.  As their laughs change to moans of joy, Oliver doesn’t hesitate to plunge his dick inside Molly’s snatch and then Lulu’s.

The girls provide Oliver with another double pussy thrill by rolling onto their backs side by side. He feeds it to each of them in turn, making certain that they each have equal pleasure. When the ladies tell Oliver to get on his back, he gets to experience a whole new level of enjoyment as Molly rides him in reverse cowgirl mode and then Lulu rides him in cowgirl mode. After finishing Oliver with a double BJ, the girls take their mouthfuls of cum and snowball the treat, reveling in finally getting Oliver exactly how they’ve always wanted him.

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