Flavor Of The Month StepSister Jessie Saint S1:E5

Flavor Of The Month StepSister Jessie Saint S1:E5

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Hot number Jessie Saint has no idea how stunning her body really is. She dresses tightly while her stepbrother Codey Steele watches her do it without knowing it. After putting on her dungarees and little crop top, she goes out to skate. While Jessie is out, she notices people staring at her. She comes back inside and comments on it to Codey, who lets his little stepsister know that of course people are looking because her outfit is pretty slutty. He makes his point by hitting on Jessie, who is outraged, especially when she realizes that Codey has the hots for her.

Of course, after seeing her stepbrother’s big cock, Jessie can not stop wondering what it looks like, how it feels, and what it tastes like. She decides to try it out. Jessie sinks to her knees, opens up and starts giving her brother a blowjob. Codey takes the opportunity to lift Jessie’s shirt and play with his super skinny sister’s hard nipples. Jessie responds by taking Codey’s cock deep into her mouth. She then strips down to her skates and leans over the couch so Tony can penetrate deep from behind.

Once Codey gets a taste of his stepsister’s body, he can not imagine stopping until she’s completely sated and he’s gotten his nut. They both move toward that goal, with Jessie riding Codey’s boner. Then Jessie lies on her back and Codey pushes his balls deep into her naked pussy. This position is all Jessie needs to get really excited. Moments later Codey reaches the end of his endurance and pulls back to cover his stepsis with his love. Jessie is all smiles as she rubs the cum right into her naked muff.

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