Mother-Son Secrets #2 – Jodi West

Mother-Son Secrets #2 – Jodi West

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Stories of new mothers becoming involved in illicit relationships!

Young Levi is rushing to finish his theology assignment on the internet while suited for the weather in his prep school sweatshirt. Mother enters, making sure the boy has everything he needs for the day in a starched white shirt and form-fitting skirt. As he hurried to gather his day’s worth of books and go, Levi had no time to converse. Mother cautions him as he runs off, “Don’t forget about your dentist appointment I made you after school.” Levi nods in agreement before rushing out the front door while kissing her check.Levi, hold on. Mother shouts after learning he had forgotten his laptop in the commotion. Her hand is on the laptop case, which is still open. She can access the contents of the laptop without a password because she didn’t switch it off. Mother is only concerned that the young guy is not getting into too much trouble because her curious curiosity has gotten the better of her. After all, she has been able to provide him with a privileged existence. The nicest attire. the top universities. Even still, some young men choose the wrong routes in life, and a short look at his computer’s browsing history will show that all he is searching for is a website that is wholesome and good for a guy in his position. Mother discovers something terrible. She finds several websites that sexually exploit younger guys and older women as she scrolls down the page. Many of them even show sexual actions between a mother and son! Could it be that once his father passed away, he was left without a good male role model and began completing the jigsaw of his life only by turning to his mother and himself? Even with all of her professional achievements, Mother had to face the fact that she was lacking something in her life. One that occasionally has fantasies about her and Levi. He has grown into such a gorgeous, young manly figure. There was only one course of action for this. She will confront Levi about this and lay everything on the table when he returns home for the day. When Mother hears the front door open, she turns to the wall clock and summons Levi inside. He sits down on the couch next to her, and she places the laptop in front of them. Mother then takes him on a tour of the websites she has discovered before addressing some of her worries. Levi feels ashamed! How was she to be aware of his desires for her? He withdraws inside himself in embarrassment. Mother carefully closes the laptop and explains that these emotions are normal and are a natural part of a young man’s development. Levi is shocked by what she does next. I’ll show you that having these sentiments for older ladies is quite normal. Mother continues to speak carefully, saying that she will teach him how to make love to a mature lady properly and that she will demonstrate to him that it is okay to desire what he wants. “Can you feel the weight of a mature breast, Levi?” his mother gently asks as she opens the center of her breast. Mom queries. She reveals her well-developed teet to him after removing her bra. Mother then rises up and raises her skirt gently while mocking her stockings and garters. Levi can then see her genitalia as she lowers her pants. A young man’s curiosity is only normal, so Mother reclines so he may inspect, touch, and taste her pussy. She wants Levi to understand that the fact that it has become quite wet is wonderful. Mother tells the boy to rise up and take off his clothes in front of her since she knows what needs to happen next. He has a really engorged erection, which Mother notices as soon as his short pants are down. It rises up upright, struggling against its own skin and pleading for freedom. Mother comforts Levi by saying, “I thought that would happen,” and then she goes on to describe what will happen next. Levi pushes his hardness into Mother as she reclines. Levi is inexperienced and is unable to withstand the copulation for too long. “That’s it, in and out strokes,” Mother commands and begins to enjoy the copulation. He appears to have just gotten inside of her and is experiencing an odd and amusing experience. Levi quickly pulls away from Mother and begins wildly shooting his sperm. Mother comforts him by saying, “That’s Okay, That’s Okay. That’s what’s supposed to happen.” There is nothing to be embarrassed of, Mother adds as Levi stands over her while still gasping for air. We’ll try to extend it little the next time. His mother gives him instructions to tidy up and complete his schoolwork. Then, while still coated in the young man’s sperm, she straightens herself, lowers her skirt, and goes to start supper.

Mother and her pals are going out for drinks. She hasn’t dressed up in a while, and my, how the trends have changed. The little ladies appear to be all donning very short tops and small outfits. The clothes that Mother’s friend loaned her for the evening are something that she just isn’t sure she has the courage to wear. She summons her step-son in to help because her husband travels so often and it’s difficult for her to hear a word of encouragement from him. Her step-son watches anxiously as her mom’s clothing get more and more exposing as she holds up dresses and adjusts her top. Mother adjusts her top to the point where her breasts are practically protruding, “I think this is how the young girls wear them,” she comments. She explains, “I just want to make sure I still look good.” Mother adjusts her dress and stoops to see if it will creep up excessively. She would not be able to wear the vibrant pants she was wearing, no matter how tight they were. She asked her son, “Do you think my pussy still looks good enough to flash like the young girls do?” after noticing that her dress had risen up far enough for him to view her pussy. Now when she is about to say something, her son is on the verge of blowing out and is most definitely not prepared. Mother utters the phrase “If only there was a way to make sure it still felt good” before putting up a truly amazing idea to her son. “If there was a way you could just put your thing inside me for a minute, you could tell me if is still felt good like the young girls” Her kid is startled and stumbles to his feet, revealing that his mother has given him an ENORMOUS erection in his shorts. He can no longer conceal his desire for his mother! What was just planned to last a moment quickly develops into a passionate fling between two forbidden passions! He eventually loses control while his mother is bouncing up and down on his cock, and she quickly yanks him out of her pussy while pumping out all the assurance she needed!

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