We’re the Taylors: Time for a Getaway – Kenzie Taylor x Gal Ritchie

We’re the Taylors: Time for a Getaway – Kenzie Taylor x Gal Ritchie

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This month has been incredibly trying for Kenzie Taylor. She is about to have a breakdown since the movie she was directing has failed due to the writers’ strike, her stepsons Gal and Elias are always squabbling and driving her nuts, and her expenses are piling up. Fortunately, her supportive husband Chad senses how frazzled she is and suggests they ignore prudence and take a last-minute trip to see Kenzie’s quirky sister Barb, who lives a few states away.

She encounters a completely new set of issues when she tries to tell her children the news. They just learned that she covertly directs porn in addition to being a film director. With the news, Gal and Elias are everywhere while masturbating to the material their stepmom created. Kenzie seizes the chance to get to know them better via her employment by spending some alone time with each of them. When the Taylor children start getting inspiration from their stepmom’s sexy material, she has no idea that a horny Pandora’s box has been opened!


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