Daddy Gives Gold Stars – S1:E7 []

Daddy Gives Gold Stars – S1:E7 []

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What would happen if each of the four families gave one member to the new family? Jewelz Blu and Tyler Nixon, switch siblings, argue over why Jewelz receives so many gold stars on the family chore chart in this episode of Family switch. It’s quite clear that their swap dad, Charles Dera, and his swap daughter have an extremely strong bond despite Jewelz’s assertions that it’s because she does all the household duties. Jewelz is smitten with her dad and proudly flaunting her toned body. Tyler and Kit Mercer, their exchange mother, can very well see that something is wrong with the father and daughter.

Charles rejects Kit’s attempt to send Jewelz away so they may spend some grownup time together. Jewelz doesn’t even attempt to conceal it as she starts stroking her pussy with one hand while feeling Charles up with the other later on during family movie time. Kit decides that enough is enough and starts acting just how Tyler is being treated by Jewelz. Kit treats Tyler similarly as Jewelz begins deep throating and sucking Charles. Kit eventually reaches her breaking point. She wants Charles, not Tyler. She grabs Jewelz by her hair and drags her off of Charles before telling her exchange daughter that she is welcome to watch but that the dick is hers. Kit accepts her responsibility and climbs aboard Charles’ fuck stick to begin riding. Given that Jewelz’s large genitalia are right in his face, Charles is content with the situation as it is.

The switch siblings find it quite appealing to see their parents interact, so Jewelz drops to her knees and allows Tyler to push into her from behind. Jewelz can lick and fondle Kit’s clit when she slants her body slightly forward. After both ladies had popped off, Kit complies when Jewelz politely requests to have her father’s dick. With her enormous boobs in Charels’ face and her ass in his hands, Jewelz is now taking a turn riding her father’s Harley Davidson. Kit, meantime, lies on her back and allows Tyler to pound on her gluttonous twat. While Charles spoons with Jewelz, Kit and Tyler move to the dog. The males can no longer maintain their grip, so Tyler cums on Kit’s bottom while Charles pulls free and covers Jewelz’s exposed twat with jizz. The exchange family feels that an orgy properly fucked deserves praise from everyone.

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