Lulu Chu & Lexi Luna – Will My Boobs Grow Bigger S19:E2

Lulu Chu & Lexi Luna – Will My Boobs Grow Bigger S19:E2

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Lulu Chu needs some space from her boyfriend, so she joins his stepmom, Lexi Luna, in her bedroom. Lulu can’t help but notice Lexi’s fantastic boobs. Lulu wishes hers were bigger, but Lexi is full of suggestions for how Lulu can feel good about herself. She takes Lulu on a boob massage so she can become acquainted with the pleasures of her own body. Lexi and Luna soon find themselves enjoying some mutual masturbation as Lexi continues to sweet talk her stepson’s girlfriend.

When Lexi’s husband, Clark Kent, walks in on them, everything is going swimmingly. Lexi tells Clark that she is assisting Lulu in discovering herself. Clark begins to walk away, but Lexi points out that Clark is very good at eating a lady out, and Lulu has never had that pleasure. She coaxes a hesitant Clark into delivering a pussy feast that lasts until Lulu cums. Lexi, on the other hand, insists that Clark would love to have both girls sucking his cock and balls at the same time in a double blowjob.

When Lexi suggests that Lulu ride his cock, Clark barely raises an eyebrow. Clark is convinced that this threesome is the best idea after seeing a petite Asian bounce away on his dick. Lulu watches and rubs herself off as Lexi goes for it in reverse cowgirl mode. Then she rolls onto her back and places Clark between her thighs to demonstrate proper pussy pounding. Lulu gets down on her knees and asks Clark to do her in doggy. He only moves to allow Lexi to aim his pop shot at Lulu’s bottom. The girls try the jizz just as Lulu’s boyfriend walks in.

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