Computer or your girlfriend?

Computer or your girlfriend?

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Young Erica felt bored. She was daydreaming of taking her lover for a pleasant walk since it was so lovely outside. But as usual, he was constrained to his PC. Since they hadn’t had sex for a month, Erica occasionally believed that he loved this machine more than she does. It appears like nothing will change today. Even when she sat on his table, her boyfriend shoved her away. Erica felt let down and angry. She took a glance around and made the decision to watch TV with her boyfriend’s father. Nothing further needed to be done. She was just seated on the sofa next to her boyfriend’s father. sad and unsatisfied. The older guy watched Erica playing with herself as she sought an outlet for her sexual energy. Although his son was her lover and he was much older than Erica, they were now infatuated together. Until she arrived, her boyfriend’s father gave her a hard fuck on that sofa behind his son’s back. How could they possibly have known that their secret would be revealed so quickly?

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