Russian Language Power

Russian Language Power

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Jessi was visiting her lover at his father’s rural estate. She had never met her boyfriend’s father before, so she was pleasantly pleased to learn that he spoke Russian and presumably learned it in school. Jessi and this older man were conversing, having tea, and practicing language when her boyfriend left them alone for a while. She thought her boyfriend’s father was really attractive and genuinely loved him. When he carefully undid a strap from her dress and began to kiss her shoulder, she did not even think to try to stop him. She began sucking his enormous cock after releasing it from his pants in what seemed to be slow motion. Jessi was thrilled to learn that her lover’s father had a large cock that was larger than her boyfriend. When this older man grabbed her from behind, all moral considerations immediately left her mind. She was wailing and hadn’t heard her boyfriend’s earlier-arrived steps.

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