Facts Of Lust: More The Merrier S2:E9 [That Sitcom Show]

Facts Of Lust: More The Merrier S2:E9 [That Sitcom Show]

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Blair, Jo, and Nat have been grounded by Mrs. Garrett as a result of their sexcapades the night before. They have an appointment for tutoring, and Nat starts getting possessive about the guy she wants to seduce. In the end, she decides to “study” with Johnny, and Blair says the lads will have to prove themselves to her. She matches Johnny with Blair and Willis with Jo, instructing the group that whichever man best demonstrates his merits will get the opportunity to sleep with her. Nat agrees wholeheartedly and quickly drops to her knees to suck Johnny off. Willis is disappointed when Jo makes it apparent that she isn’t very interested.

Nat emerges from under the table and flicks her miniskirt up before directing Johnny’s hand to her juicy twat following a close call with Mrs. Garrett. Jo is no longer able to act uninterested, so she allows Willis to feel the moisture in her own snatch. For the contest, they move to the living room. While Jo takes her time savoring Willis’s large dick in her mouth, Nat swiftly strips off her clothes and climbs atop Johnny’s dick.

With Nat and Jo riding their respective partners in reverse cowgirl and thrusting their hips to get off, the competition can finally get started. Each female rolls onto her back after bending over dog-style on her knees. Jo could have been a little bit of a dark horse, but Willis can easily put her on the back foot. Nat discovers that she must assist Johnny to the finish line by giving him a handie. Willis is declared the winner and led to bed when Blair enters the room and notices that Johnny hasn’t yet complied.

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