[4K] Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro S22:E2 – [BrattySis]

[4K] Do My Boobies Fit This Bra Stepbro S22:E2 – [BrattySis]

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Madi Collins is now Codey Steele’s new stepsister, and he truly wants to make her happy. Codey rushes to the store after Madi requested him to go get her some tampons. When he comes back, Madi is in the living room trying on a number of bras she just bought. When Codey sees his stepsister almost topless, he feels humiliated, but Madi reassures him that nothing will happen. She tells him that he didn’t get her normal sort of tampons almost in the same sentence. Codey volunteers to return to the shop out of a desire to please. Instead, she requests that he remain and assist her by providing his assessment of the bras. Codey becomes more uneasy as Madi’s bras become sexier, especially the last one which is sheer enough to see her nipples. Madi thinks she’s just so at ease with her new stepbrother since she’s thrown herself into Codey’s lap.

Later, Madi and Codey are relaxing on the couch together. When Madi starts questioning Codey about if he developed a small chub earlier after viewing her boobs, she has her head on his lap. Codey ultimately acknowledges that he might have been a little too hard, but Madi has to cajole him a little more before he can open up to her. If Codey desires, Madi will allow him to touch her pussy in exchange. Codey attempts to reject since he is still bashful, but Madi was never going to accept no as an option. She lowers her shirt, takes her stepbrother’s hand, and he places his palm on her tiny tittly. She allows Codey to feel how wet she is by lowering his hand inside the front of her thong for a brief second. Madi can sense that Codey is nice and firm, therefore his resistance is obviously melting away. He ultimately gives in and accepts to be duped by his stepsister, which merely opens the door to a ton of additional sexual fun.


Madi maintains control as she kneels down and forces her tits into Codey’s mouth, allowing him to suckle her until her nipples are rigid peaks. She barely has time to wiggle out of her clothing before she gets onto Codey’s lap and descends onto his hardon, where she remains until she is completely impaled. Madi rides Codey in reverse cowgirl style while Codey’s hands slid under his ass to support her. Madi then kneels down so that Codey may see his little steps from behind. Madi welcomes Codi between her thighs for one more time while lying on her back. After beating her till she begins to scream with joy, he takes out a nut and smears it all over her crimson muff.


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