[4K] Natasha Nice – Nice To Those Who Wait – Mommy’s Boy

[4K] Natasha Nice – Nice To Those Who Wait – Mommy’s Boy

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Stepmom Natasha Nice receives a call from her stepson, Alex Mack, who requests steak for supper. Natasha instantly gives in, stating she’ll go back to the grocery store for steak despite having already purchased something different for dinner. As a result of Alex’s satisfaction, he flirtatiously declares that Natasha will be his dessert and exits the room. Natasha understands that she is treating him excessively by giving him whatever he desires, even her pussy. She decides to make him learn a valuable lesson about entitlement.

Natasha refuses to give Alex her dessert (her pussy), telling him he must wait until TOMORROW when he returns to the room to request it rather than after dinner. He’s upset because he’s not used to being rejected. Later on that day, Alex again requests Natasha’s pussy. She continues to deny him, but it appears to be more challenging for her.

Alex keeps pleading for Natasha’s pussy all day long. She chooses to give him everything he requests after realizing there is no hope of changing him because he is already too spoilt. She allows him to touch and taste her breasts as an aperitif before giving him her delectable pussy, the dessert he’s been longing.

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