Your step-mother keep refusing you….that woke a big, hard in you – Kathia Nobili

Your step-mother keep refusing you….that woke a big, hard in you – Kathia Nobili

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Your step-mom has rejected you for days. At first, it was exciting—like a naughty game she was playing with you—and you imagined fucking your step-mom and masturbating all day! Now you’re horny and step-mommy’s refusal enrages you! You said you’d chat to her this morning, but she wasn’t in her bedroom. You hear noise downstairs. While your stepmother exercises, you carefully open the door without saying a word! Watching her! Her butt in those jeans moving up and down worsens your condition! Your cock in the pants just started growing…getting so hard…you’re losing your mind! She realizes you’re there, but it’s too late—your cock is rock hard and you’ll only have your stepmother’s pussy if she wants! You’re the man—strong, dangerous, and always successful! You toss your stepmother! You ignore her yelling to stop! Your dick commands you! You ripped her pants and pushed deep into your stepmother’s pussy! She’s wet…does she play with you? That inflames you even more, so you take out your dick and press it farther into her mouth—your step-mom is now your whore! She’s gagging from your mouth fucking! Now when your cock is so slippery from her saliva, you just roll her over and barely stick your dick inside her….fuck you step-mother….fuck hard your step-mother…..that’s all you have in mind!!!! You’re rough and your stepmother’s pussy is throbbing with your cock! You thrust harder and make your stepmother cum so hard that her pussy juice goes all over you—and your cock! When you cum, you slowly understand you did something extremely forbidden—TABOO—but your stepmother made you so addicted to her, therefore she deserves to get fucked this way.She’ll never reject her son again!

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