Will STEP-MOMMY forgive you for stealing even if you did it for her?!!! Kathia Nobili

Will STEP-MOMMY forgive you for stealing even if you did it for her?!!! Kathia Nobili

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Your stepmom was impressed today! She took you shopping and…your conduct was so humiliating!!! You’re caught stealing women’s lingerie pants. Your stepmother was incredulous! She sends you to your room when you get home—she doesn’t want to see you! If your stepmother knew the real reason you did it!!! You wanted to offer her a lovely birthday gift! Lucky they didn’t find it in the shop! Better still! Those will flatter your stepmother! But step-mommy coming to your room to talk about all the mess you caused today! She’s worried you’re sick and need to steal. What’s wrong with you—the boys are wearing men’s underwear—she believes you stole them for yourself or your girlfriend? She finds the other panty too! One chance—tell her the truth! Because you love step-mom, this is her birthday present! You think she’ll look so gorgeous with this pant!Your stepmom?! Your gesture calmed her. She still thinks stealing them was wrong, but now she can do something pleasant for you—something you desired from the start. Long desired! You requested step-mommy to model them for you. You watching her get ready…exciting! Not likely! You can’t control your cock after witnessing your step-mom’s gorgeous butt! You rock! When your stepmother hugs you and thanks you for her present, she feels your excitement!Your day, D. Step-mommy will be your first lover! You wanted that forgiveness! Lucky you! Stepmommy’s lover boy!

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