Where Is My Mom S1:E8 – YoungerMommy

Where Is My Mom S1:E8 – YoungerMommy

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Alex Mack went to a mom party. He napped in the host’s bedroom to escape the middle-aged ladies. Alex asks April Snow where his mom is after waking up. April offers Alex a ride home, but she keeps looking at the vibrator she left under the covers from a masturbation session. She gets hot thinking about Alex in bed.

Alex accepts the ride home after using the restroom. April sees the big meaty dick Alex is rocking. She reconsiders before taking Alex home. April orders Alex to kneel and apologize for his misbehavior. She asks Alex to suck her titties, popping her boob. Alex asks and gets permission. After Alex sucks, April undoes his pants and starts stroking him with his fuck stick.

April leads Alex to bed and lifts her miniskirt so he can eat her hairy twat. Alex gives April that lovely fuck stick next April. Alex starts by fucking April and kneading her titties. He enjoys April’s mouth magic as she blows him and then reenters her velvet glove in doggy. April moans loudly when riding him reverse cowgirl. April spreads her thighs so Alex can spoon her while using the vibrator. Alex gets hotter as her cum squirts from delight. He sprays April’s face and breasts as he pulls out. April suggests Alex’s mom drop him off twice a week while she’s licking his cum off her fingers.

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