Two Moms Are Better Than One S2:E3 – YoungerMommy

Two Moms Are Better Than One S2:E3 – YoungerMommy

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Since his dad married Athena Anderson and then Erin Everheart, Juan Loco has two stepmothers. Juan receives the best from Athena and Erin, who are friends. Athena admits to liking Juan while the two stepmoms help him with a project. Juan overhears Erin laughing at her and realizes he has an in with one of his hot stepmommies.

When Juan sits beside her, Athena feels him. Athena quietly turns around and starts sucking Juan. Her deep throat blowjob riles Juan up. Athena holds the moan as Juan slides into her in doggy. Erin notices and is initially scandalized, but she quickly lets Athena talk her into joining in and letting her eat her out. Erin soon wants more despite being married to Juan’s dad.

Juan and Athena want a trio. Juan enters as Athena licks her happy nipples. Athena moans as Erin cradles her after Juan’s dick. Erin then kneels to pound Athena’s snatch. After eating, the stepmommies kneel and blow and stroke Juan until he blows his load in a double facial.

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