TROUBLEMAKERS – Coco Lovelock x Haley Reed [PURETABOO]

TROUBLEMAKERS – Coco Lovelock x Haley Reed [PURETABOO]

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Mr. Russell (Brad Newman), a school counselor, invites Lily (Coco Lovelock) and Emma (Haley Reed), two pupils who don’t get along, to his house for an intervention. Lily and Emma approach the front stairs together, but the entire time, all they do is taunt one another, demonstrating how much they detest one another.

It becomes clear that Lily and Emma are competitors at school and that their rivalry is disrupting class once they are seated before Mr. Russell. They are present today, according to Mr. Russell, because the school asked him to speak with them to attempt to resolve the issue.

However, Mr. Russell begins subtly provoking conflict between them by setting them against one another when he quizzes them. Lily and Emma argue more because of how easily they become arrogant with one another. Even while Mr. Russell appears to be attempting to be of assistance, he unintentionally employs words that furthers the breach between the two very competitive females who view one another as a danger.

Finally, Mr. Russell lies and claims that he believes their underlying sexual tension is the root of their animosity toward one another. Both Emma and Lily are astonished and certain that it isn’t possible because they aren’t lesbians. However, Mr. Russell keeps tricking Lily and Emma, gradually persuading them that the only way to resolve their conflict is via sex.

Although shocked, Lily and Emma wonder if this will be enough to put a stop to their hostility.

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