Tag Team Mommy With Me [2015]

Tag Team Mommy With Me [2015]

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Son, your Mother & I would like to talk to you.

Helena Price: Suzanne I must share what I’ve been going through with someone, so please keep this private. I couldn’t help myself yesterday when my stepson returned from basketball practice. When I was near his pheromones, nature took over. His cock was throbbing as I started enticing him. I took off his wet shorts and put my lips around his cock. He fisted me till he couldn’t hold back, filling me up with a huge load despite his mild nervousness. When I told him I wasn’t using birth control, he expressed concern on the other side of his face. If only he had known how badly his stepmom desired another boy who was exactly like him!

Suzanne: My stepdad was at his brother’s house the other night. When I went to collect him, Jay and I ended up talking. We quickly started making out on the couch. He immediately raped me and gave me a massive cream pie while my stepdad was in the adjacent room. A few days later, while my husband was away on business, I prepared a nice surprise for Jay and my stepson. When Jay stopped by, I escorted him to the bedroom while wearing only my apron. They double packed me for hours after I called my stepson in. I’ll probably become pregnant shortly.

Gina West: Suzanne I thought you would be the perfect person to confess my misdeeds to because of how much we had shared together. Recently, things have gotten very chaotic, and I’m not sure what to do. There is no one else I can trust, and it nearly makes me ashamed to tell you what I’m going to say. The other day when my stepson returned from college, I went into his room to discuss. I sat down next to him to snuggle, but before I knew it, he had a boner. I seized it and told him not to tell his father before I could stop myself. He was really tough! We quickly began having sex on his bed since I was unable to control my urges. It was almost a shame when my stepson exploded inside of me since he hit me harder than his dad ever did. But it quickly brought me back to reality; what would I say if I became pregnant by my stepson?

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