Swapped At Birth – Jane Wilde x Brandi Love

Swapped At Birth – Jane Wilde x Brandi Love

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Alice (Jane Wilde) finishes off her fork after taking the final slice of cake. Fred (Eric Masterson) and Barbara (Brandi Love), her parents, sit next to her and watch affectionately. Additionally, there are present bag and wrapping paper remnants scattered about the table, indicating a little family birthday party. Barbara expresses surprise that Alice is already 18 years old. When did that happen?

Fred adds that as Alice gets older, she merely gets more and more lovely while Barbara tidies up the dishes by moving them to the other room.

Barbara returns from the other room, and Fred and Barbara exchange puzzled looks. Together, Fred and Barbara surprise Alice by revealing that she is not, in fact, their daughter.


Fred and Barbara tell that the Greens, Alice, and the Greens’ daughter were exchanged at birth as part of a deal with another couple down the street so that each pair could enjoy their desire and fuck their ‘daughter’ when she reached sexual maturity.

When Fred and Barbara warn Alice that if she calls the police, her life would be turned upside down, Alice backs down and accepts the three of them.

The rest of Alice’s life will never be the same.

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