Still Not Weaned At Eighteen! – Spencer Scott [Mommy’s Boy]

Still Not Weaned At Eighteen! – Spencer Scott [Mommy’s Boy]

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Spikey Dee, who is over 21 years old, STILL resides at home with his stepmom Spencer Scott. The truth is that he simply adores cuddling with her—there is nothing quite like it! He loves Spencer and doesn’t want their relationship to alter, therefore he doesn’t care if guys his age don’t act that way toward their stepmoms.

On the other hand, Spencer is becoming increasingly concerned that her beloved stepson isn’t turning into the man he ought to be. Of course, she shares some of the guilt because throughout the years, she has spoilt him rotten. What, then, can she say? She is devoted to Spikey and would go to any lengths for him.

But Spencer eventually comes to the conclusion that it’s time to grow up. They’re going to come up with a DIFFERENT way to spend time together—one that entails far more FUCKING than cuddling. Spencer needs to stretch his legs by doing so with his stepmom!

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