Mom Can Borrow My Sperm – S1:E10 [MomWantsToBreed]

Mom Can Borrow My Sperm – S1:E10 [MomWantsToBreed]

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Lauren Phillips, Alex Mack’s stepmom, joins him in the living room while he is lazing about and bored. She intends to exercise and has a yoga mat, but she won’t be doing a lot of yoga. Lauren sets the mat down and performs a series of stretches for Alex that emphasize her huge ass and her enormous boobs. When Lauren notices Alex’s curiosity, she extends an invitation for them to stretch together. She says she wants children because she wants a partner in life.

Lauren returns a little while later wearing nothing but a short dress after having successfully implanted the concept in Alex’s mind. She offers him the chance to put down his video game and squirt her pussy with his sperm. Lauren displays her hairy muff while lifting her miniskirt, and she then exposes Alex’s cock to suck him off. Lauren gets up and knelt down over Alex, stroking his shaft and thrusting those enormous titties into his face to lick.

Lauren can’t be stopped from mounting Alex and riding him in cowgirl mode before switching to reverse cowgirl mode. Alex’s powerful dick gives her a doggy-style pussy hammering. Lauren spreads herself out widely for Alex to continue their celebration by rolling onto her back. When Lauren’s stepson follows orders, he eventually stuffs her with a cream pie that spills while they’re coming down from the fuck fest’s afterglow.

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