StepDaughter Caught with Nipple Piercings

StepDaughter Caught with Nipple Piercings

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When Aria, my stepdaughter, refused to go to the pool over the weekend, I realized something was off. I overheard her telling her friend that if I found out she had her nipples pierced, I would punish her while I was passing by her room. What I was hearing just blew my mind! I barge into the room on her and demand she lift up her shirt to show me her most recent error. I enquire as to why Aria acquired them because I’d heard that while being played with, it gives the girl more sexual stimulation. I poke around her nipples to see if she was lying when I asked her if that was the reason. She would jump whenever I touched them, so I know they were sensitive. I tell her that if she wants me to keep her identity a secret, she must allow me to play with her further. While Step-Mommy is away, Aria and I enjoy some enjoyable step-Daddy-step-daughter time.

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