Sex with her boyfriend´s father after swimming pool

Sex with her boyfriend´s father after swimming pool

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Victoria and her boyfriend stayed at his father’s property since she adored its enormous pool. A secret, she had. She had no affection for her lover, but his father… This tall, gorgeous, and affluent man was immensely fascinating to Victoria, who was keeping her lover waiting to grab his father. After swimming, her boyfriend’s father asked him to purchase water. After leaving for shopping, the older guy saw her sitting on the sofa in a little, damp bikini. Her fingertips walked across her skin… He approached, sat on the sofa, and slowly touched her breasts. It’s easy to envision what occurred next since she was young and he was horny and ambitious. His firm dick was into her moist hole and her luscious lips were ecstatic, so no one noticed when his kid returned with water.

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