Reunited Kissing Step Cousins – Addison Lee

Reunited Kissing Step Cousins – Addison Lee

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This weekend, we’re hosting several members of our extended family for a little gathering. Since I haven’t seen a lot of my relatives in a while, I’m actually really looking forward to it.As I met my step-cousin at the door, I couldn’t help but notice how much older she has become. She appears to be a whole woman at this point, fully developed. It was really different from our last encounter. We watch a little TV on the couch before going to check on the rest of the family.Later that evening, my step-cousin sends me an odd text asking, “Hey, are you still up?”I texted her back to check on her since I suspected she could be having problems falling asleep. She then messages me in response, asking if I wanted any company.Is my step-cousin making overtures to me? I would be somewhat alarmed if she weren’t quite as attractive as she is. However, my cousin has more sexual appeal than any lady I’ve ever hooked up with. She had the most beautiful physique, and I could never resist her!While the rest of the family is sleeping, Addison slips into my room. When she asked me, she appeared both anxious and thrilled.Is this madness?It doesn’t seem crazy to me.Would touching you be inappropriate?Maybe, but I want you to touch me nonetheless.She teases me through my pants as my cock hardens… Before continuing, Addison takes one more look at me for confirmation. I’ve been wanting this for a while.Good, I’ve always had a fling with you.She eagerly opens my zip as she prepares to reveal my 8-inch dick. Watch as my step-cousin circles the tip of my juicy cock with her soft, wet tongue as she licks up the side of the cock. She spits on my head and cock in a string. My cock begins to roll with her saliva.

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