Rear View – Mona Wales – MommysBoy

Rear View – Mona Wales – MommysBoy

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Mona Wales is simply going about her daily business as she prepares to mop the floor when she notices Tyler Cruise, her stepson, sitting down close by. If that’s okay, he would be pleased to keep out of her way and converse with her while she cleans since he wants to spend some quality time with her. Mona is content enough to comply because she would never want to miss out on time with him.

Mona has no idea that Tyler is much more interested in admiring her gorgeous butt than really talking to her as she gets on her hands and knees! Mona begins to grow suspicious as the days pass and Tyler finds justifications to spend more and more time with her during these seemingly insignificant times. But it doesn’t really sink in until she witnesses him struggling to cover a boner while lustfully staring at her ass while she’s doing yoga one day. It appears that her stepson wants to spend quality time with her in a DIFFERENT way! Fortunately for him, she’s willing to assist him in burning off some of that inquisitive, youthful energy.


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