Protect A Daughter’s Chastity – Coco Lovelock [PURETABOO]

Protect A Daughter’s Chastity – Coco Lovelock [PURETABOO]

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In order to preserve Rosie (Coco Lovelock), his teenage stepdaughter,’s innocence while dating, Edward (Derrick Pierce) is concerned. He presents her with a chastity belt one day. Rosie is taken aback, but she agrees to fasten the belt out of respect for her stepfather. However, while he assists her in donning the chastity belt, Edward has indecent thoughts about her that quickly develop into an obsession.

Over the coming weeks, Edward surreptitiously observes Rosie, his gaze fixed on the chastity belt as his passion intensifies, until one night when she requests that it be taken off so that she can satisfy herself. She adamantly maintains that despite being a decent girl, she still has wants that must be met. This is okay with Edward as long as he can stay and observe. Rosie is shocked, but she gives in since she has been resisting for weeks because she is so horny. But after giving in, Edward hungrily approaches her and offers to have sex with her as the ultimate release.

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