Persona Non Grata – S2:E5 Veronica Weston

Persona Non Grata – S2:E5 Veronica Weston

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Ricky Spanish, Veronica Weston’s new stepson, and her are attempting to live together. She finds Ricky has wrecked the place after she exits the shower to look for a clean towel. There is trash all throughout, the restroom is filthy, and no clean towels are to be found. She can’t bear to live in such a way!

Veronica summons Ricky and tells him what a slob he is. Ricky responds by saying he is aware of his stepmom’s desire to fuck him. He still has his clothes on when Veronica pushes him into the shower. When Ricky pops his boner out, Veronica purposefully and accidently falls backwards into it. Ricky is ejected from the shower by the woman, who displays anger.

Later that day, while wearing a miniskirt without underwear, Veronica is tidying up Ricky’s mess. She gets down on her knees and waits for Ricky to grip her tits before stuffing it in the dog. By fucking Ricky in the dog, Veronica demonstrates that she is not Ricky’s mother. Veronica goes on top of Ricky’s stiffie and takes over in cowgirl mode by sucking the juices from it. She then rolls onto her back so that Ricky may stuff her with his cock and give her one last moan. The mess that Ricky makes after busting his nut all over his sexy stepmom’s stomach is ultimately cleaned up by Veronica.

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