Pampering Our Sitter – Coco Lovelock x Penny Barber [PureTaboo]

Pampering Our Sitter – Coco Lovelock x Penny Barber [PureTaboo]

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When Chelsea (Coco Lovelock) arrives to a lavish home, she envies it while lamenting how difficult her life is right now, particularly in terms of her connection with her parents. She then encounters married couple Lydia (Penny Barber) and Anthony (Seth Gamble), who cordially invite her inside.

Chelsea is being interviewed by Lydia and Anthony, who appear to be looking for a new babysitter. Chelsea seems sincere and open, yet throughout the talk she unwittingly gives away a glimpse of a difficult home life. As the conversation progresses, it appears that Lydia and Anthony are attempting to conceive but do not yet have children. Chelsea starts to feel uncomfortable about this time because of their adoring behavior, especially when they start asking her odd, intimate questions.

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