One Plus One Equals Fuck Me – S3:E2 – YoungerMommy

One Plus One Equals Fuck Me – S3:E2 – YoungerMommy

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Tommy Gold has spent hours studying for Friday’s big test. Ann Joy, his stepmom, urges him to rest. Ann strokes Tommy’s body and hair while sitting beside him. Ann refuses to let Tommy study alone. She puts the book on the table.

Ann runs Tommy’s hand to her tits. She then strokes his hardon. Ann relaxes and has Tommy take off her dress, saying his stepmommy will take care of him and teach him sex. Before removing her thong, he kisses Ann’s neck and collarbone. He consumes that creamy pussy. In exchange, Ann sucks Tommy’s hardon.

To ensure Tommy enjoys those titties, Ann shoves them into his face during a stiffie ride. She reverses cowgirl and rides him. Ann’s back rests on Tommy’s chest as he climbs into her coochie. Tommy hits Ann hard on her back. The hardest part is when Tommy rides Ann from behind. Ann believes Tommy will study better after draining his balls on her boobs.

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