Nothing’s Too Good For My Boy – Penny Barber x Sophia Burns [PURETABOO]

Nothing’s Too Good For My Boy – Penny Barber x Sophia Burns [PURETABOO]

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Ms. Hensley (Penny Barber) requests that one of her pupils, Sandra (Sophia Burns), stay after class for a quick discussion. Sandra thinks that’s good because she has no cheering practice today. Ms. Hensley says that’s exactly what she wanted to talk about because Sandra’s grades have been suffering as a result of all of her cheerleading sessions. Ms. Hensley, on the other hand, claims that her lovely kid Isaac (Ricky Spanish) is a highly clever college student who is only a few years Sandra’s senior, and that he can assist Sandra by instructing her. Isaac has prior experience coaching other females, so it would be no problem at all. Sandra feels relieved and accepts Isaac’s invitation to meet for tutoring after cheerleading practice tomorrow. Ms. Hensley contacts Isaac after Sandra has left, suggesting she has found another female for him.

Ms. Hensley introduces Sandra to Isaac the next day. The way Isaac looks at Sandra perplexes her, and things become increasingly stranger when Ms. Hensley gushes over Isaac and blatantly pamper him. Ms. Hensley proudly informs Sandra that Isaac is quite picky. Isaac requests that Sandra explain how she writes, stating that it is part of healthy study practices. He offers to fix how she holds the pencil after she demonstrates, and she accepts. As he corrects her, he appears to relish stroking her arm and hand. Isaac then runs his hand over Sandra’s back, pretending to be correcting her posture. He then rubs her legs, pretending to adjust them for improved circulation. Sandra is astonished, but she feels he is assisting her, so she accepts all he says.

Isaac compliments Ms. Hensley on Sandra’s ability to follow directions. Sandra is perplexed and inquires as to what is going on. Ms. Hensley reveals that she matches Isaac with’very good females’ and indicates that Sandra’s grades would improve if she pleases him. Isaac reminds out that if Sandra accepts the agreement, she will not have to leave the cheering group and disappoint her teammates. Sandra is persuaded, but admits she is worried because she is still a virgin. Ms. Hensley assures her that this is good because Isaac adores virgins.

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