MyPervyFamily – Bambi Barton – Desperate Times

MyPervyFamily – Bambi Barton – Desperate Times

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Men become strong in adversity. He is weak, aside from Jimmy Michaels. And not difficult—not yet, at least. Jimmy, however, takes a few pictures of Bambi Barton’s juicy tits while his skanky stepsister is getting dressed with her door open. Jimmy is no fool! I’m going to the restroom now to pull it. However, Jimmy IS a dummy and leaves the door unlocked, so Bambi naturally enters to see her stepbrother beating his meat. She’s tits! Jimmy says it has been a full year since he last had sex. Bambi offers up her boobs to be jerked on out of compassion for him. She feels a pang of sympathy as Jimmy wanks his willy to his stepsister’s exposed tits. What a pitiful stepbrother he is. Because someone has to do it, she decides to jerk and sucker her loser stepbrother. Jimmy is able to drag her into the bedroom and rub her so hard that she begins to squirm a little. As her helpless stepbrother pounds on her hole, Bambi allows him to slide his cock into her pussy and admits to being mildly impressed. Before he begins sniffing her genitalia, what a pervert! This twangy teen still climbs on board and bounces her fine ass on her stepbro’s cock despite this. He even succeeded in getting Bambi to have an orgasm. She gave him a reward by allowing him to nut in her pussy, and boy, did Jimmy ever let loose in there!

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