MyFamilyPies – Thicc Sister Challenge S10:E5

MyFamilyPies – Thicc Sister Challenge S10:E5

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Natasha Nice and her stepbrother Brad Sterling are hanging out on the couch, bored. Finally, Natasha asks Brad if he’s heard of the Sis Challenge that’s been going around the Internet. Brad hasn’t, so Natasha explains that they both get naked and if Brad gets a boner, he’s lost and is a freak. Brad is sure he can control his urges, so they strip together. In fact, his cock even softens at the sight of his sister’s luscious curves and massive tits. Natasha isn’t ready to accept her loss, so she wiggles her T&A until he gives her the boner she wants. Things escalate when Natasha confesses she’s never seen an erection in real life, then asks if she can touch Brad’s. He agrees, but instead of touching it, she accidentally starts stroking it. Brad holds out as long as he can without revealing anything to Natasha, but eventually his moans give him away. She tries to get away from him, but Brad confesses that he thinks she’s hot. Natasha is a bit shy, but she tells Brad that her pussy is wet. He takes the opportunity to lay Natasha on the couch and bury his fingers and then his face between her thighs. It’s great that Brad is finger fucking her, but what Natasha really wants is the D. She urges Brad to push him in while she fingers her own luscious breast. Then she gets on her knees to suck him and give him a titty fuck. Brad sits down on the couch and lets his sister ride his boner, but things are much more fun for both of them when Brad delivers a hard and fast doggy style pussy pounding. His sister is so hot that Brad can’t help but blow his load inside her and give her a creampie that leaves her dripping with cum.

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