My Two Stepmoms S1:E10 – YoungerMommy

My Two Stepmoms S1:E10 – YoungerMommy

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Tyler Cruise always had two stepmothers, Kendra Cole and Diana Grace. Tyler has noticed his two stepmoms are smoking hot now that he’s older. Today, Kendra and Diana are cleaning the house, so Tyler can see their cleavage and skirts. Tyler finally gets to hit those hot stepmommies when the vacuum breaks and he has to fix it.

Tyler starts the vacuum easily and notices the great suction. Tyler decides to unzip his pants and vacuum his dick while his stepmoms are still showing him sexual images. Until Diana notices, he’s enjoying the suction. She calls Kendra, furious. Tyler pulls his dick after the ladies debate how to handle his bad behavior. They help Tyler release after seeing the vacuum’s red suction. Stepmothers must do it.

Sucking Tyler makes Diana and Kendra miss the dick. Luckily, they can use one here. Kendra watches Diana ride reverse cowgirl. Kendra hops on for some reverse cowgirl action. Kendra takes Tyler’s cock while eating Diana and doing doggy. Diana rolls over and spreads herself wide for Tyler to bang her while Kendra rides her tongue. Tyler gives the ladies his cum to play with.

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