MomsTeachSex – Stepmom Wants You To Watch – S17:E4

MomsTeachSex – Stepmom Wants You To Watch – S17:E4

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Stepmom Wants You To Watch S17:E4

Robby Echo and Kate Dee, his new stepmother, are still getting to know one another. Kate starts questioning Robby about himself over ice cream. Kate finds Robby’s responses to be flattering in each case, and she enjoys them all. Robby pushes the boundaries when Kate asks him about his favorite costume he’s ever seen her in, responding that it was the time he entered the bathroom last week and discovered her wearing a towel. Robby’s favorite dream is revealed to be getting fucked by a sexy milf who tucks him in when Kate asks him about it as a result. Robby switches roles and starts posing questions to Kate once she confirms that he is flirting with her. She confides in Robby that her favorite dream involves him witnessing her being fucked by a stranger rather than his father. Robby isn’t really into that, so Kate explains to him that her second favorite fantasy involves his simply fucking her.

Kate purposefully drops some ice cream on her large breasts as Robby hesitates. She licks up the creamy sweetness with her fingertips before handing it off to Robby. Stepmom and stepson have intense sexual tension after that. Every time they are in close proximity, Kate is donning a cleavage-baring outfit that is hot as hell. Until Robby tries to confront her about it, things start getting worse. Kate offers to show Robby her tits in an attempt to lighten the mood. Robby’s hands are placed on them after she pops them out and offers to fuck and snuggle him into bed.

Robby is pushed backwards as Kate follows through on her promise by climbing on top of him. She starts it off with a blowie that demonstrates her mastery of the spoken word. Kate gets on the horse and rides her stepson in reverse cowgirl after she has finished sucking and toying Robby’s dick with her enormous naturals. As Robby enters her from behind and hands it to her in a dog, Kat squats down and squeals with joy. Kate lies onto her back and spreads herself wide open for Robby to kneel between her thighs and take her to pleasure town one more time even though she’s already left. There’s always room for more orgasms. When Robby is about to blow, Kate reclines and tells him to cover those knockers with his heavy load so she can rub it all into her boobs before putting Robby to bed as planned.

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