MomsTeachSex – Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom – S16:E6

MomsTeachSex – Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom – S16:E6

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Sharing My New Boyfriend With My Stepmom – Bonnie Dolce, Sharon White

Bonnie Dolce has taken Nikki Nutz, her lover, to meet Sharon White, her stepmother. Bonnie and Sharon’s relationship is rocky. Sharon, who is married to Bonnie’s father, is continually attempting to fuck the people Bonnie is cycling out. Not any different today. Sharon uses the chance to grill Bonnie about a variety of topics, including the size of Nikki’s dick and the manner in which he licks her pussy, when she learns that Nikki isn’t fluent in Hungarian. The group settles in to watch TV together, but in actuality Sharon is using her feet to approach Nikki. Sharon moves a little bit closer and begins massaging Nikki’s firm cock. Bonnie is startled to see that stepmom got there before her when she reaches beneath the blanket to do the same.

Bonnie doesn’t believe Sharon’s defense that her husband hasn’t been home in three weeks. Bonnie responds that she’ll tell her dad about Sharon’s infidelity when Sharon says she’ll tell Nikki he’s the third guy this week. Eventually, they agree to share Nikki and keep the other person’s secret. Even though Nikki is unable to understand what is being said, he is well aware of what is taking on when both women abruptly stop speaking and begin pawing at him. A split second later, Bonnie is sucking on Nikki’s dick as Sharon sucks on his balls. The girls share so sweetly, taking turns. Even as Bonnie rubs her clit, Sharon kindly permits Bonnie to strip off and board Nikkie’s fuck stick for the first time.

The next person to enjoy Nikki as he bounces around on his hardon is Sharon. Bonnie jumps onto the top of the couch while already completely naked so Sharon may touch her gluttonous puss and lean in for a full-on feast. When it’s Bonnie’s turn to enjoy Nikki’s cock once more, she finds herself on her back with Sharon riding her mouth and Nikki buried between her thighs. In order to keep Bonnie’s party going, Nikki can motorboat Sharon’s magnificent ass titties from that position. Nikki gives Sharon her time in the middle as she is on her hands and knees, and Sharon keeps her tongue busy by slurping up Bonnie’s juicy snatch. The girls continue their promise to share Nikki after finally being satisfied as they cooperate to blow him until he pops into their eagerly open lips.

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