Mommy Motivatio S1:E7 – YoungerMommy

Mommy Motivatio S1:E7 – YoungerMommy

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Jenna Noelle resents having to babysit Jay Romero, her boyfriend’s son. She wants Jay to finish his homework and leave so she can go to her boyfriend’s house. Jay is ignoring Jenna, unfortunately. Jay says he’s unmotivated to do his homework when Jenna insists. He says he can only answer questions by looking at Jenna’s tits. Jay must finish the worksheet to see Jenna’s boobs.

Since Jenna’s breasts motivate Jay, she goes further. Jenna says Jay can lick her pussy if he answers one more question correctly. Jay answers the next question correctly, and Jenna relaxes, hikes up her miniskirt, and pulls her underwear aside so Jay can dive face-first into that juicy twat. Jenna tells Jay to finish his homework even though she loves pussyfingering. Jay’s boner is distracting him. Jenna finally agrees to suck him off if he finishes the worksheet. This hottie easily deep throats Jay’s fuck stick while blowing him.

Jenna gets naked and rides Jay’s hardon when he doesn’t cum in her mouth. She goes cowgirl and turns around to ride Jay’s dick as he squeezes her big ass. Jenna stays on her knees as Jay changes them into doggy because her stiffie ride already has her there. Jenna lies on her back with Jay between her thighs for one last orgasm. Jay cums his load all over Jenna’s muff after her moans. Jay finally finishes his homework after being satisfied.

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