Mommy Apologizes – Kathia Nobili

Mommy Apologizes – Kathia Nobili

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My stepson, I’m so sorry! You should never, ever, ever watch that! But tell me, what in the world were you doing there! You can’t be mad if you were spying at your stepmother! You understand that I am your stepfather’s wife and that I have obligations to fulfill. Or, do you want your stepfather to learn something about us? NO, I concur! You understand that I only love one man, my child! You are the one, my stepson; you are the love of my life. Let step-mom apologize as you like, forget about what you saw tonight, come on! Come here, sweetie, and taste your stepmom’s soft lips.I adore giving you a kiss, step-son! Go on the offensive, darling—your swollen cock will be ridden by stepmom! Making you happy once more is very difficult, yeah.I’m in awe that my stepson has such a gorgeous cock! Do you feel that?Is the way your step-mom plays with your cock good? Baby, are you prepared?…Feel your stepmother’s juice…so hot…mm…I adore having you inside of me! Sit on your firm cock and let me feel you so deeply inside of me! You now know what your stepmother wants! Yes, my darling, you’re a hot cum! You are the only one who my stepmother let get inside her soggy…worm pussy inside of me. Let’s go, baby! Cum into our stepmother, please! A good boy! Do you feel better now? Good, then, honey, good dreams!

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