Mom Makes Us Play Nurse – S15:E3 [MomsTeachSex]

Mom Makes Us Play Nurse – S15:E3 [MomsTeachSex]

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Codey Steele and his adopted mom, Jessica Ryan, just returned from the doctor. Jessica is unhappy Codey sprang a boner during the exam. She pulls Codey home and puts him on the couch with his stepsister, Lily Larimar. Jessica has a solution. She leaves the room and returns with a hospital gown for Codey to wear in front of his adopted mom and stepsister. Jessica tells Lily she’ll play nurse to teach Codey self-control after seeing Lily chuckle.

Jessica encourages Codey not to think about anything while Lily kneels and takes Codey’s pulse. Jessica advises Lily to give Codey a handy, a non-sexual release, and to not enjoy himself. Jessica intervenes because she dislikes Lily’s technique. Jessica encourages Lily to take off her shorts and thong and climb onboard Codey’s dick after he denies cumming. Jessica rides Codey’s fuck rod after Lily fails.

Codey slays his sexy adopted mom on her knees. Jessica leans forward to eat Lily’s trimmed twat while being hit from behind. Lily turns with Codey between her thighs while Jessica rests her head on her large boobs. Jessica pushes Codey onto the couch and rides his stiffie. She and Lily are satisfied, but instead of fucking Codey, they kneel and suck him till he gives them a mouthful of cum to snowball. Lily and Jessica promise to assist Codey get released.


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