Masturbation is a sin – Kit Mercer [MomsTeachSex]

Masturbation is a sin – Kit Mercer [MomsTeachSex]

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Rion King, Kit Mercer’s stepson, just refuses to understand that masturbation is wrong. Even when Kit is getting ready for a trip, she keeps seeing Rion pounding his flesh in his room. Kit demands that Rion join her in the bedroom so she may finish packing after she catches him twice. Rion can’t help but fantasize about his gorgeous stepmom wearing sexy clothes for him instead when he sees some lingerie and begins to wonder if Kit wears it for his dad. He develops a boner in his imagination that he simply cannot hide from mommy.

When Kit first sees Rion’s hardon, she cannot believe her eyes. Naturally, she makes the choice to do so in a non-sexual manner. When she offers Rion a handie or exposes her breasts before pulling up her miniskirt so Rion may press his fingers into her, it is not love. When none of those solves the issue, Kit consents to let Rion to cum so they can move on with their day.

Kit becomes addicted to that guy flesh as soon as she has a taste. She climbs up to ride her stepson’s hard cock as her enormous boobies bounce! She then drops to her knees and begins to eat that dick. Kit brings Rion to a climax that fills her lips with licking and sucking. Kit orders Rion to go to his room and stop masturbating as she licks the remainder of the come from his balls.

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