Lending Her Stepson Some Brain – Candice Dare

Lending Her Stepson Some Brain – Candice Dare

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Bossy MILF Candice Dare dislikes having her stepson around. He lounging in bed irritates her. Particularly when school starts! Today, her stepson is trying to relax when she enters his room to disturb him. He has a rock-hard cock in his boxers when she pulls the covers off! She fixes it the only way she can because he can’t go to school with an erection. She kisses her stepson sensuously. Candice’s stepson studies later. He wants to pass, but he has trouble learning. His gorgeous blonde stepmom can’t help either. While reading the textbook, her nips are about to fall out! How can her stepson study with a massive boner? Candice helps him think… Candice’s stepson wants to check out his perv stepmom two days later. He sneaks into the bedroom and touches her ass, causing a fight. He wants to help his stepmom with her stepdad issues. He can satisfy her better than his stepdad. She understands it’s true and leans over for a huge meat injection from her stepson. He massages her wet pussy and drops a massive load within, giving the beautiful MILF a pouring creampie. A mess!

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