Leave It To Mom’s Beaver: The Milk Man S1:E2 [That Sitcom Show]

Leave It To Mom’s Beaver: The Milk Man S1:E2 [That Sitcom Show]

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Mom gives Beaver and Dad breakfast and discovers that Dad’s boss has asked him to work let again while pouring coffee! How else can a hot housewife grab her husband’s attention than by laying a wet one on Dad as he kisses her cheek goodbye? Beaver leaves without his books. Mom masturbates in the kitchen while alone. The milkman interrupts her, seeing her tits and twat. Since she’s been neglected, Mom decides to fuck the milkman instead of being embarrassed.

Mom kneels to kiss the milkman’s cock. She slowly sucks while enjoying a man’s attention. The milkman is astonished and protests, but he can’t stop a babe like Mom from using his erect dick. Mom sets the milkman on a chair and takes off her clothing to fuck him. Mom rides the milkman’s fuck stick, telling him to relax.

Mom tells the milkman to take her from behind. He obliges, thrusting his hips and pumping Mom full of cock! Mom turns over to sit on the table and wrap her legs around the milkman as he smashes into her at a ball-slapping pace to reach a last climax. Beaver arrives home after Mom gives the milkman a facial. The milkman runs out while Mom tells her son they’re merely getting the milk.

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