Lauren Phillips No Pants No Problem

Lauren Phillips No Pants No Problem

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It’s a gorgeous morning. Without realizing it, Lauren Phillips gets out of bed and wanders down the hallway. She is completely naked from the waist down. Dan Damage, her stepson, meets her as she enters the restroom. Dan is astonished to realize that Lauren isn’t wearing any pants. When Lauren realizes her error, she laughs and says, “I should have worn bottoms.” Dan is given her word that she’ll do better going forward. Lauren waits in the bathroom for Dan to finish his morning routine so she can take a shower. Dan is annoyed when Lauren unintentionally puts herself in a vulnerable position while she waits. Dan is caught by Lauren looking at her nakedness in a sly manner. To his surprise, Lauren is accepting of his embarrassment. She offers to help Dan have a sexual encounter. He agrees, and they enter the bedroom for some enjoyable sex that includes tittyfucking and deepthroating. Now THAT’S a great way to start the morning!

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