Kiss Mommy On The Lips S1:E1 – YoungerMommy

Kiss Mommy On The Lips S1:E1 – YoungerMommy

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Alex Mack adores Skylar Snow, his new stepmother. Skylar’s age difference from Alex’s father doesn’t help. She should date him! Alex asks Skylar to help him dress his high-thigh cut. Skylar’s love and stepmama’s big boobs and ass are a bonus. Alex is happy now, but his stepmother will give him more.

Skylar checks Alex’s wound later. Alex agrees to Skylar’s kiss to heal the cut because she’s already wearing revealing clothing. Skylar sees Alex’s pants bulge and decides to steal that nice cock. She tells her stepson to kiss mommy. She opens her robes and tells Alex that mommy’s titties need attention. Alex doesn’t want to cuck his dad, but he wants his stepmom so badly that when Skylar lays down on his bed and spreads her thighs, he gives in to her demand to feast on her juicy bare twat.

Skylar sucks and slurps Alex’s hardon. She fucks her boobs together. Skylar wants that dick inside her, and with Alex on her back, she’s powerful. Skyler slides down onto the cock with one leg over Alex’s waist and rocks her hips, jiggling her jugs and throwing her head back in delight. Alex succumbs to his stepmommy’s demands to fuck her hard in doggy. Alex gives Skylar a deep missionary when she rolls over. Alex pulls out in time and nuts Skyler’s huge boobies before agreeing to keep this a secret.

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