Keeping A Piece Of You – Sovereign Syre [PURETABOO]

Keeping A Piece Of You – Sovereign Syre [PURETABOO]

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The scene begins with Diana (Sovereign Syre) entering Joshua’s bedroom, her stepson who is 18 years old. She moves slowly around the room, lovingly touching everything that belonged to Joshua, and the atmosphere is depressing. She has yearning, longing eyes, and she appears dejected.

Joshua may be heard yelling, “Mom!” I’m at home! As soon as she yells back to him and exits the room, Diana brightens up and her demeanor immediately improves. Joshua (Nathan Bronson) is then greeted by Diana, who does it in a slightly seductive manner.

Joshua is also disturbed by Diana’s somewhat exposing clothing choices. He argues that she should move on since that is what his father would have wanted and inquires as to if she is dressed this way because Diana is about to begin dating once more.

Diana is adamant that she doesn’t want to date and that caring for Joshua is what she values most in life. She admits how much she will miss him when he leaves for college and says she has a suggestion for how to make the transition less difficult. Diana returns Joshua to his bedroom so they may converse there.


Diana acknowledges that she wants Joshua to get her pregnant because she thinks it will keep him near. Joshua refuses while being horrified.

Diana cries out, pleading with him for assistance and making him feel guilty. Does he actually WANT to hurt his mother’s feelings? This debate causes Joshua to halt in his steps; he appears to be split between reason and duty to his family. Diana seizes on his moment of vulnerability and cries as she promises not to ever reveal that it is HIS, if he doesn’t want anybody to know. She is aware that men his age are not yet ready for such responsibilities.

Joshua feels conflicted, yet it’s evident that he cares about Diana’s anguish. Finally, he tentatively concedes that he will grant her request as long as it remains private. He only wants her to be content and despises seeing her in such a state.

Joshua is something Diana wants to preserve, but how much of him is she REALLY going to take?

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