JC Wilds – No Mom = More Fun on Memorial Day

JC Wilds – No Mom = More Fun on Memorial Day

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Some people, like Peter Fitzwell’s egotistical wife, are so unappreciative. They should be spending Memorial Day together as a family, but of course, she is getting her hair done at the salon!? Peter will celebrate with his stepdaughter JC Wilds because he won’t let her ruin the occasion. When Peter’s stepdaughter asks to play strip tic-tac-toe in the pool, he finds it difficult to say no because she looks amazing in her themed bikini. Peter is skilled at the game, so JC’s young, juicy tits emerge quickly. After her second strike, JC is left naked and only has her fluffy landing strip to hide behind. When JC finally prevails, Peter is forced to expose his cock, and his stepdaughter is mesmerized by her stepfather’s enormous, thick cock! She jerks her stepfather and starts to suck him right there in the pool because she can’t help herself. Peter turns his stepdaughter over and uses his strong dick to pierce her. She whimpers and moans as her stepdad’s fat member stretches her out. JC boards Peter as they move inside and stuffs her tiny teen hole. She creates a quivering, creamy mess all over Peter’s cock. Her stepfather completely destroys his stepdaughter’s soft blanket. Now, isn’t that expressing gratitude for your service? Men, happy Memorial Day!

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