Gia Paige – Is Everything Ok? PureTaboo

Gia Paige – Is Everything Ok? PureTaboo

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Sue, a middle-aged lady, ends a chat with a buddy. She calmly urges the other party to relax. During the separation, they will welcome her daughter. She understands divorce hurts. Tiffany and her boys always got along. After taking a deep breath, she summons her boys for a family meeting. Dave and Mike live at home as adults. Their doting parents, spacious house, and little duties make life comfortable here. Sue finds them watching TV on the couch in the living room. She sits and switches off the TV to share her news. They have a houseguest today. Tiffany Wilde. Her mom needs their aid when her parents split. The lads stare. “How’s Mrs. Wilde?” Dave inquires. Sue calmly answers that the mom can’t watch Tiffany for a while. Prioritize self-care. They’re bringing Tiffany in to assist. Mike affirms. ‘What should we do mom?’ Sue hugs her kids and then paces the room, outlining what they need to do to prepare for the daughter. The lads carefully gaze at each other again while she rattles forth orders.

Tiffany drives with her suitcases in the backseat. She silently glances out the window with tears in her eyes. She’s lost.


Two weeks later. Sue watches Tiffany, Dave, and Mike run around the backyard from the kitchen window. Sue is soothed by the trio’s laughter and horseplay. She takes a snapshot and texts Diane that her kid is feeling better. She can relax until things are handled. Cut outdoors. After wrestling and laughing, Mike pulls Tiffany into his lap. She wriggles out laughing, but the camera lingers on his face as his look changes to something more somber.

Next day. Sue brings an overnight bag downstairs as Tiffany, Dave, and Mike are watching TV and munching chips. My rideshare arrived! She says. Dave helps. “Mom, are you sure we can’t just drive you to the airport?” He asks. She encourages him to relax—it’s a short journey and she’ll be gone for the weekend. She bids farewell and departs the trio. Dave casually wraps his arm around Tiffany as they watch TV again. She notices but snuggles into him because he’s always been her big brother. She’s secure.

Nighttime bathroom cut. Mike surprises Tiffany in the tub. He ignores her embarrassment at being nude. ‘Chill! “I need to pee,” he replies quietly. ‘I’ve seen you nude!’ Tiffany nervously examines herself. Mike notices her indecision. …Remember the lake? Grown up? Our family’s summer vacations? Tiffany gets teary thinking about the past. She says, “That’s right…” Mike washes his hands and sits beside the tub, feeling her mood alter. Is everything okay? Tiffany cries and confesses why she’s staying at their place. Addict father. They handled it secretly for years. Dad spent all his time with his mates in the rear. Mom’s well. He quit. He fled with another woman. Mom attempted suicide over it. So Sue took her in. Mom’s under psychiatric assessment. She may never recover. Mike embraces Tiffany after her confession. It appears real, but Mike keeps holding on and slides his hands down Tiffany’s nude back. She’s too upset to notice. She tightly embraces him as he calms her. “Dave and I will always be here for you,” he continues. We’ll always look after you! As he peeks at the naked female in his arms, the camera stays on his face.

Tiffany’s bedroom. Dave knocks on the door as she gets into bed, begging to come in. He didn’t want to intrude, but Mike informed him about the restroom incident and he wanted to check on her. Tiffany embraces him, blushing. She thanks you for your kindness. You and your brother. I’m lost without you two! Dave reassures her of their love and appreciation. After many awkward minutes, he moves in and kisses her. Tiffany retreats in disbelief. Dave, why? She murmurs. Dave defends. He says he was reacting to her. Her posture begged for it. “You comforted me!” She speaks up. Dave shouts, “I wasn’t.” I followed your orders. You wanted to kiss me. You’ve been teasing me for weeks since you arrived!

Mike rushes in. Dave interrupts Tiffany to explain that she is playing the victim card after hitting on them both for weeks. Mike shouts, “I can’t believe you’re a bitch like this.” This is how you reward us? You’re better than us?! Mike’s taunting stuns Tiffany. ‘You know why your mom truly dropped you off, right? She wants to leave you like your dad! Tiffany cries. Dave continues, ‘They don’t love you. You’re unloved! The brothers laugh and joke, increasing tension. When they see Tiffany crying, they rush in on each side. “I’m sorry,” Mike says. Your mum won’t return. She’ll be hospitalized for years! She’s led to bed. Dave continues, ‘And even though you’re 18, you know that you have nowhere else to go. ‘Shouldn’t you treat us better? We’re your elder brothers! She blinks at them. “You’re like my brothers,” she begs. So, why are you being so rude to me? Mike touches her shoulder, making her flinch. ‘Why are you acting like this now?’ Says condescendingly. “You were totally fine when I was hugging you… naked… in the

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