Getting My Mom Badge S1:E1 – Lauren Phillips x Skylar Snow [MomSwapped]

Getting My Mom Badge S1:E1 – Lauren Phillips x Skylar Snow [MomSwapped]

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Busty stepmoms Lauren Philips and Skylar Snow both have a scouting program stepson. Juan Loco and Robby Echo enjoy getting together to work on their crafts hobbies. Since the stepmoms are required to travel with their stepsons, they have developed close friendships over time. The craft I’m working on today is taking a very long time. To ensure that their stepsons arrive on time for book club, Lauren and Skylar have started pestering them, but it isn’t working. The moms talk amongst themselves and conclude that the boys’ deliberate behavior is the only explanation for why things are going so slowly. They conclude that some creative restraint is necessary, so they start by trading sons. The theory is that the boys will listen to someone other than their stepmom more intently than they do now.

Skylar now looks after Lauren’s stepson, Robby, while Lauren now has custody of Juan, Skylar’s stepson. Lauren, who is in charge of the new strategy, orders Juan to remove his pants before continuing to work on his assignment. When Robby keeps acting silly, Skylar unwillingly decides to follow Lauren’s example. Lauren is still not satisfied with the lads’ progress, so she tells Skylar to play with Robby’s dick. Juan sees a chance, so he makes additional jokes to persuade Lauren to play with his dick as well. Things become hotter as the lads are told to play with their private parts next, resulting in Skylar sucking Robby off and Lauren doing the same to Juan. There is no getting the parents to leave the D once they have made up their minds to indulge their friends’ stepchildren.

Skylar sinks into Robby’s fuck stick as Lauren fills her pussy with Juan’s as they both get onto the laps of their respective lovers. The males try their best to suckle the boobs bouncing around near their faces while the ladies bounce in reverse cowgirl, enjoying a big titty stiffie ride. Next, Skylar gets on her back as Lauren kneels for the puppy, both squealing with delight as the other’s stepson gives them a firm squeeze. The girls trade places, with Juan getting Lauren off while he kneels between her thighs and Robby fucking Skylar in the doghouse. Meanwhile, Robby blows his load on Skylar’s ass, and Juan pulls out to bust a nut all over Lauren’s muff. After playing with their present, the ladies tell the guys to resume their job while they clean up. They discuss looking for younger cocks instead of attending book club.

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