Full Video Taboo Diaries Vol. 16 [2018]

Full Video Taboo Diaries Vol. 16 [2018]

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Angelica Cruz: When I first got home, my father was shocked to see me. He reprimanded me for not returning home sooner and for not keeping in touch, but as I sat down next to him as I used to, everything was soon forgotten. He began teasing me about how huge my breasts had gotten. His mouth suddenly filled with milk as soon as he placed his lips on them, giving him the shock of his life. I was aware that I would have to be honest. I informed him I was pregnant, and he seemed to relax and became fixated on my swollen breasts. My milk spilled all over as Daddy rubbed and sucked on my tits.

Cassie: I’m really embarrassed by what I did. When I returned home from class the other day, my father was lying on the couch. I don’t know whether someone gave me something to get horny on, but I started sexing my father. He made an effort to rebuff me and even threatened to punish me, which only got me more excited. When my top fell off, I started toying with his cock, and he was helpless to stop me. I licked and sucked his shaft before my father turned me over and ate my pussy until I returned. Before giving me a strong fuck, he entered me slowly to help me get acclimated to his cock. I rode him all the way until he entered me.

Lenna Lux: My dreams have been incredibly bizarre ever since my dad adopted me. I believe I understand why the males at school were never mature enough to advance past second base. I desired a companion like my father. After everyone had gone to bed on the night of my 18th birthday, I went in to cuddle with my father. I experienced a peculiar change in myself, and I became horny. The next thing I knew, I was licking my father’s cock while removing his shorts. Daddy began to panic a little when he discovered what I was doing. He completely changed his attitude when I mentioned that I wanted to offer him my particular present.

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