Blind Without My Contacts – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

Blind Without My Contacts – Rachael Cavalli [Mommy’s Boy]

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Tyler Cruise inadvertently interrupts Rachael Cavalli as she brushes her teeth before going to bed. He offers to return, but Rachael coexists with him without difficulty.

Given that Rachael has only been his stepmother for a few weeks, Tyler feels a little uncomfortable with her. They haven’t had much time to get to know one another, and Rachael admits as she takes out her contacts that she is still getting used to the house. She’s essentially blind without her lenses in!

They separate once they have finished cleaning their teeth. Tyler tries to relax as he climbs into his own bed, but is startled when he hears his bedroom door creak open. Rachael fumbles her way inside, shocking him, running her hands along the furniture as she stumbles into Tyler’s bed.

It’s obvious that she’s lost her way and believes she’s in bed with her own husband as she snuggles up against Tyler’s back. Tyler chooses to go with the flow in order to get to know his stepmother in a whole new way, but how long will it be before Rachael eventually realizes the truth? Rachael can’t see very well and is becoming quite handsy.

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