Big Bang – Amy Takes Charge S1:E12 [That Sitcom Show]

Big Bang – Amy Takes Charge S1:E12 [That Sitcom Show]

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Penny’s boyfriend finding out that she’s been having fun with the nerd has just given Sheldon a bad name. When Amy knocks on the door, Penny is forced to stop tending to Sheldon’s injuries. Sheldon is told to hide by Penny because she is unaware he is there. It turns out that Amy has come with a skintight outfit for each of them to wear and is here to accompany Penny to the comic book convention. Sheldon observes as the females get dressed after stripping off their clothes. Just in time for Amy to hurry them both out the door, he announces his presence.

When they get back from the convention, Amy tells Sheldon that his back eye gives him a rough look, and she gives him a lengthy kiss to prove it. Amy pushes Sheldon down onto the couch to give Penny an equally passionate kiss since she is also smitten with the way Penny looks in spandex. When Amy catches Sheldon stroking his cock while the girls are making out, she gets down on her knees and begins sucking to demonstrate the method she has been learning. She offers to share with Penny, and soon Sheldon is getting the head from both girls.

Amy is willing to fuck Sheldon with him in a group setting. Naturally, she gets the first try, but soon Penny is sitting on Sheldon’s fuck stick. In the end, Sheldon is completely squished into Penny’s snatch and Amy ends up with her face buried in it. Sheldon gets a second hole in his buffet of things to screw when Penny moves forward to make a pseudo-69 and the blonde’s mouth opens up. Before the females kneel side by side to receive a double facial, Penny has one more intimate brush with Sheldon’s dick.

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