Bad Relatives #02 – Lydia Black & Seth Gamble

Bad Relatives #02 – Lydia Black & Seth Gamble

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Lydia Black, the spouse of one of Seth Gamble’s siblings, is welcome to stay at his house for a few weeks. It appears that Lydia and her husband had a little disagreement, and Seth pledged to keep Lydia’s whereabouts a secret, but how much longer can he deceive his own family? Not to mention, Lydia doesn’t exactly treat her house visitors with the utmost respect; she throws party after party and runs the property like a personal nightclub.

Lydia refuses to leave when Seth finally makes the decision to ask her to. She adores having so much freedom at Seth’s house and being able to fuck whoever, whenever. What will it take for her to leave, given Seth’s desperation? Lydia grins and thinks of a sinister plan. Leaving if she fucks him. And they’re not even required to tell Lydia’s husband or Seth’s wife about it.

Seth hesitates, but he can’t help but wonder whether this idea could be worthwhile after all when Lydia lifts her top to show off her full breasts. Not to mention how gorgeous Lydia looks with those beautiful fishnets covering her legs and ass. Seth succumbs to temptation and delivers his bad relative a beating she has never experienced.

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